Microfibre Hair Turban


A soft, elegant and luxurious option for drying your hair

Designed for all hair types


This microfibre hair turban is a perfect addition to your wash day!

Designed for all hair types. The HeyTresses microfibre turban is an elegant, heatless option for drying your hair after a wash. It absorbs the right amount of moisture from your hair, shortening drying time. It is gentle and soft on your hair (softer than cotton) and minimises frizz.

This lightweight turban wraps around your head and fastens with single-button closure, leaving your hands free while your hair dries.

It comes packaged in a recyclable box and delivered in a biodegradable mailbag.

Say goodbye to heat damage and frizz and hello to soft, hydrated hair!

We have created a campaign called “Beauty Brand with a Purpose”. As part of this campaign, we donate €1 for every HeyTresses turban purchased to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)


Additional information

Weight246.57 g
Dimensions23.1 × 17 × 4.1 cm

Cream, Striped peach & Cream


One size fits all


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