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The Basics of Natural Hair

Each head of hair has unique characteristics, and these characteristics influence how your hair reacts to hair products, techniques, tools. In this post, I break down the 6 main hair characteristics you can apply to your hair to help you determine the best regimen and products for your hair.

Hair Porosity

Have you ever watched your favourite YouTuber use a hair product with magical results; you swore they have your hair type so you decided to try the same product but… it was a fail?!?! That’s right, Hair porosity is the cause of the difference!!! In this post I explain: What is hair porosity? Why it is important? Types of hair porosity and how to identify yours.

How to grow Healthy Natural Hair

HeyTresses! I’m back again

I get excited seeing people rock their God-given naturally textured hair. I get the question, “how can I grow long healthy afro natural hair?” quite a lot so in this post, I decided to share the top 10 habits that have positively impacted my hair journey to give me my long healthy afro natural hair.