Hello and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Dina short for Ihedinachi, I am the founder of HeyTresses and a Medical Doctor by profession. I am also a daughter, sister (to 5 sisters and 1 brother), aunt, wife, and a soon-to-be Mom. My inspiration for this blog comes from my love for the Afro-natural hair; and the support of my family, friends and clients that I’ve had over the years.

Hair care is one of my passions. I started at age 5, braiding the frills on our living room couches. Shortly after that, I became the “go-to family hairstylist”.

My last perm was at age 11; after which I enrolled into the AirForce Girls Military School where I was required to shave my head. This was a turning point in my hair journey. After 4 years of my time in the AirForce, my 5 sisters and I decided to return natural together, in a time when the natural hair community was near non-existent. This period was vital to my basic understanding of the characteristics and needs of different hair kinds.

During my medical school years, I ran a home-service hairstyling salon that catered to both black and non-black communities. Through this experience, I was able to learn about the different hair characteristics.

Since medical school, I have studied hair (especially of African-descent); and skin more extensively, incluidng their anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. The knowledge and practice of haircare; and my personal experience being natural for over 20 years have afforded me the confidence to share this with as many people as possible.

My aim with this platform is to promote “hair health”. By getting to the core of your hair challenges and providing tips to overcome those challenges you will be able to achieve your natural hair goal (whatever it is).

I also aim to break certain stereotypes about afro-natural hair such as; “natural hair does not grow” or “natural hair is not classy or professional”.

Regardless of where you may be on your hair journey, I would love to engage with you here, on Clubhouse, Instagram, and YouTube, to unlock your hair potential.

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Let’s do this!